The artificial orthopedic workshop material and bones have been specifically developed for teaching orthopedic and surgical procedures, for surgery workshops, and medical engineers. Synthetic bones are used to train orthopedic techniques in fracture repair, for sawing a bone, screwing a bone, and for implant training.

Orthopedic workshop bones and bio-mechanical test materials are a cost-effective alternative to real human bones and have:
  • Excellent bio-mechanical characteristics
  • Strength properties similar to real bones
The excellent mechanical characteristics and the exact anatomical details as well as a very economic price point are setting 3B Scientific® ORTHObones apart from other workshop bones on the market. 3B Scientific® offers different lines of orthopedic workshop material and bones to substitute real human bones in orthopedic surgery training programs:

  • ORTHObones STANDARD: two component structure for optimal bio-mechanical results
  • ORTHObones PREMIUM: two component structure optimized for imaging procedures
  • 3B Orthopedic Testing Blocks: simulate different sets of bone density and thickness of cortical shell
3B Scientific® ORTHObones simulate the structure of a real human bone with a multi-layered construction of the outer hard shell of the bone (cortical bone) and the inner cancellous or spongy bone. 
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