The Life of the Honey Bee (Apis cerana)

The Life of the Honey Bee (Apis cerana), 1005971 [W59558], Embedded Specimens
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Numbered specimens in a high-quality acrylic block to give your students an outstanding insight into the life of a honey bee (Apis cerana). Descriptive text in English. The set contains:
1.     Egg
2.     Larva
3.     Pupa
4.     Adult (Worker)
5.     Adult (Drone)
6.     Adult (Queen)
7.     The base of nest
8.     Worker comb
9.     Queen comb
10.  Bee pollen
11.  Honey
12.  Wax
Dimensions: approx. 21x12x4 cm³
Weight:          approx. 0.6 kg
Item No.: 1005971 [W59558]
Weight 0.6 kg
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