Practi-Vial 10mL (×30)

Practi-Vial 10mL (×30), 1024828, Practi-Vials
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Practi-Vial 10mL for clinical training only, is intently crafted to include all standard components of a vial, excluding a specific generic or brand name. This design facilitates repetitive learning with the vial, allowing its use both without a name and with a name using the Peel-N-Stick label for varied educational scenarios.

The 10 mL vial is filled with 10mL of distilled water hence safe for use with Manikins It is particularly ideal for skills training in nursing, EMS and pharm tech programs. It can be used alone, or with a Practi-Powder Vial® to simulate antibiotic reconstitution, or betterstill, our 10mL Peel-N-Stick vial labels.

Experience a tremendous increase in confidence and competency as you master the fundamentals of sterile vial handling and build muscle memory using only safe, distilled water in this high quality product

Distinctive Skills the Vial Teaches:
  • Aseptic aspiration
  • Vial handling techniques
  • Multiple dose calculations
  • Fractional dosage measurement
Qty: 30 vials

Product Content: Distilled water

Item No.: 1024828
Weight 0.816 kg
Dimensions 30.5 x 10.2 x 6.4 cm
Brand Wallcur
MPN: 403PV
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