Maxwell‘s Wheel

Maxwell‘s Wheel, 1000790 [U8408305], Rotational Motion
Maxwell‘s Wheel, 1000790 [U8408305], Rotational Motion
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Product Information: ..
Spoked wheel with large moment of inertia for demonstrating the conversion of energy in the conversion of kinetic energy to potential energy and vice versa. Includes suspending rod and adjustable suspension mechanism.
The rotating axle is held in a horizontal position by two strings attached to a suspending rod and is moved upward by winding in the strings. If the equipment is released from its wound in position, the spoked wheel acquires kinetic energy on the way down, which can be seen by the constant increase in its speed of rotation. Two stops on the ends of the axle prevent the wheel from spinning free. At the lowest point when the strings are fully unwound, they start rewinding around the axle and the wheel rises upward again, losing its kinetic energy as it gets higher. To measure the inertial force during acceleration, the whole apparatus complete with stand is placed on a set of scales.

Specifications: ..
Moment of inertia: 10 kg cm² approx.
Diameter of wheel: 130 mm approx.
Mass of wheel: 370 g approx.
Suspending rod:  370 mm x 12 mm Ø

Notes: ..
Stand equipment not included.


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Item No.: 1000790 [U8408305]
Weight 0.74 kg
Brand 3B Scientific
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