Lifting Demonstration Figure

Lifting Demonstration Figure, 1005101 [W19007], Human Spine Models
Lifting Demonstration Figure, 1005101 [W19007], Human Spine Models
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Provide your clients with a graphic demonstration of the effects of correct and incorrect lifting techniques on the spinal column. The figure lifts a weight from one of two positions. If the correct technique is used the spine stays in proper alignment. Using an incorrect technique causes the vertebrae of the spine to become distorted. Comes on base with illustrations of right and wrong lifting on the spine. A great way to make clients more aware of the effects lifting has on their spine.
Item No.: 1005101 [W19007]
Weight 1.122 kg
Dimensions 23 x 13.5 x 21.5 cm
Brand ESP
MPN: ZKJ-310-K
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