Electromagnetic Launch Apparatus -
recommended accessory air track

Electromagnetic Launch Apparatus -
recommended accessory air track, 1019300 [U20611], Linear Motion - Accessory
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Product Information: ..
Used along with a catapult assembled from a fork and rubber band included in the air track set (1021090), the launch apparatus imparts uniform, reproducible launch momentum to a glider which is dependent on the tension in the rubber band. It consists of an iron core, a solenoid coil and an armature. The iron core is attached to the end of the air track where it provides a mount for the coil. The glider is connected to the coil via the armature and catapult. When the current is interrupted, the tensed rubber band imparts energy to the glider. A switch box (1019301) is used to activate the system.

Specifications: ..
Iron core: 20 mm x 20 mm x 51 mm
Coil: 400 turns
Power supply: 8 V DC


1,550.00 €
Item No.: 1019300 [U20611]
Weight 0.7 kg
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