Elderly (Vivien) 

Elderly (Vivien) , 1025081, Adult
Elderly (Vivien) , 1025081, Adult
Elderly (Vivien) , 1025081, Adult
Elderly (Vivien) , 1025081, Adult
Elderly (Vivien) , 1025081, Adult
Elderly (Vivien) , 1025081, Adult
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Your Gateway to Realistic Simulation Training

Embark on a journey of realism and precision with Lifecast Body Simulation's Elderly Manikin. Picture Vivien Bridson, a talented personality renowned for her roles in Fury, Beauty and the Beast, and The Human Centipede 2. Beyond the silver screen, she's a dancer, psychologist, and a model for Vivienne Westwood.

Our elderly female manikin is more than just a training tool; it's a living, breathing representation of Vivien herself. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this exceptional manikin is the result of a 3D scan/mould of Vivien at 82 years old.

Lifecast Body Simulation doesn't just replicate; we encapsulate the essence of life. The elderly manikin showcases lifelike fine details, from the intricate replication of veins and underlying structures. But it doesn't stop there—this manikin is a dynamic medical educational tool, complete with an airway and an articulated mouth, facilitating realistic airway management scenarios.

As you explore the Lifecast Elderly Manikin, imagine Vivien's legacy seamlessly integrated into medical education. It's not just a manikin; it's a bridge between the real and the simulated, where Vivien's story becomes a vital part of the learning experience. Welcome to a new era in medical simulation, where Lifecast Body Simulation brings reality to the forefront of training.

An anatomically precise and realistic elderly manikin serves as a valuable tool for healthcare professionals, enabling them to:
  • Enhance existing protocols to navigate the diverse challenges posed by geriatric patients.
  • Attain expertise in the skills essential for providing optimal care, ultimately contributing to enhanced patient outcomes.
  • Cultivate emotional intelligence through interactions with lifelike manikins, a crucial aspect in delivering compassionate, effective, and high-quality healthcare to the elderly populations.
Key features:
  • Anatomically accurate outer body
  • Anatomically correct internal airway ensure proper technique for:
    • Intubation
    • ET/NP/OP tube insertion
  • Reactive chest that rises and falls when artificially ventilated
  • Realistic airway pressures and ventilatory volumes
  • Intraosseous insertions in bilateral humeral head and tibia
  • Skin turgor for dry training of intravenous therapy
  • Needle decompression placement
  • Closed eyelids with manual opening
  • Partial dry urinary catheterization
Delivery content:
  • Female elderly manikin
  • Transport body stretcher
  • Maintenance kit 
Item No.: 1025081
Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 162 x 66 x 18 cm
Brand Lifecast
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