Boyle-Mariotte Apparatus

Boyle-Mariotte Apparatus, 1017366 [U172101], Gas Laws
Boyle-Mariotte Apparatus, 1017366 [U172101], Gas Laws
Boyle-Mariotte Apparatus, 1017366 [U172101], Gas Laws
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The Boyle-Mariotte device is used to investigate the relationship between volume and pressure of a sealed volume of air at a constant temperature. It confirms the law of Boyle-Mariotte. 
Product information:
The device consists of a closed plexiglass cylinder with a sliding piston that determines the enclosed volume, a scale for volume determination and a manometer for pressure determination. The piston is displaced by turning a threaded rod with crank. For safety reasons, the working cylinder is additionally surrounded by a protective cylinder made of acrylic glass. By means of a ventilation valve, pressure can be equalized with the ambient air in any piston position. Subsequent displacement of the piston generates overpressure or vacuum, depending on the initial situation. For safety reasons, an overpressure valve opens at a possible overpressure of 3.5 bar. The safety precautions described above allow safe experimentation in school lessons, in training and in internships at universities.
Technical data:
Working cylinder:
length: 230 mm
Inner diameter: 40 mm
Maximum pressure: 3,5 bar
piston: 30 mm x 40 mm Ø
volume: 410 cm³
Dead volume V0: approx. 20 cm³
length: 200 mm
Pitch: 1 mm
Pressure gauge:
Pressure range: 0 - 4 bar
diameter: 100 mm
tolerance class: 1
There is a complete experiment on the Boyle-Mariotte Law (Item No.: 8000589). Here is a very detailed experiment manual included.

Overview of all experiments in which the product is used

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