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Anatomy Set Physio - Clinic (English)

Anatomy Set Physio - Clinic (English), 8001101, Anatomy Sets
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Anatomical models and charts of the musculoskeletal system for hospital, doctor's office or therapy centers. This comprehensive Physio-Set Clinic contains the most important and popular anatomical models and charts to illustrate the musculoskeletal system. The realistic 3D models and diagrams support patient education on diagnosis, surgery and therapy through visual and haptic demonstration. 

Thanks to its very high quality and robust construction, the human skeleton is perfect for use in hospitals, schools, universities and laboratories. The life-size and fully flexible functional models demonstrate the anatomy and mechanics of the entire physiological range of motion very clearly, for example abductions, anteversion, retroversion, external/internal rotation. The charts are printed on premium glossy (200g) paper in the convenient poster size 50x67cm (20x26'').

The Physio Set - Clinic contains:

Human Skeleton
  • Human Skeleton Model "Stan", life-size: Comes with metal stand and transparent dust cover. Special features include:
    • Close to the realistic weight of around 200 bones
    • 3 part assembled skull with magnetic connections 
    • Natural skeleton size
    • Limbs can be removed quickly and easily
    • On a stable metal stand with 5 casters
Functional models Anatomical Charts

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Item No.: 8001101
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