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Coach 7, Single User Desktop License 5 Years

Coach 7, Single User Desktop License 5 Years, 1021518 [UCMA-180SU], Software
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Coach is a Learning and Authoring Environment for Science, Mathematics and Technology Education. It is a product of CMA based on over 25 years of research and development. Continuous feedback from users, (students, teachers, curriculum developers) and from educational research has enabled us to create a unique environment used by many, teachers and students, worldwide. Coach integrates ICT tools, which resemble technologies used by professional scientists and facilitates an inquiry-based approach to education.

• With Coach 7 you have the most complete environment for STEM Education!
• Suitable for many platforms
• Can be used by teachers and students, in school and at home
• All needed tools in one environment
• Easy but also comprehensive, offering advanced options when needed
• Intuitive handling of sensors
• Pre-calibrated sensors but when desired own calibration can be done
• Allows to store a new sensor calibration in the sensor’s memory
• The only environment which offers dynamical modeling
• Video measurement with automatic tracking and perspective correction
• Easy to learn via many simple, placed in context, step-by-step tutorials
• Free access to a large data-base with innovative teaching resources

Always and anywhere
Education is changing: laptops have become essential for students and teachers. With Coach 7 you are ready for the education of the 21st century. You can use Coach 7 on your computer or laptop, at home or at school

Suitable for:
PC computer, MAC computer

Item No.: 1021518 [UCMA-180SU]
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