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Chimpanzee Skull (Pan troglodytes), Female. Replica, 1001299 [VP760/1], Biological Anthropology

Chimpanzee Skull (Pan troglodytes), Female. Replica

217.77 €
Item: 1001299 [VP760/1]

Orangutan Skull (Pongo pygmaeus), Male, Replica, 1001300 [VP761/1], Biological Anthropology

Orangutan Skull (Pongo pygmaeus), Male, Replica

242.76 €
Item: 1001300 [VP761/1]

Gorilla Skull (Gorilla gorilla), Male, Replica, 1001301 [VP762/1], Biological Anthropology

Gorilla Skull (Gorilla gorilla), Male, Replica

265.37 €
Item: 1001301 [VP762/1]