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In order for healthcare providers to be able to prevent, assess and treat pressure ulcers in their patients, they have to practice the procedures and evaluation of different stages of decubitus on medical simulators and trainers. Using this teaching method, they will be able to take actions to prevent pressure ulcers, asses and describe the stage of pressure ulcers in the patients’ records, and treat the wound and manage pressure ulcers.

As the name (pressure ulcer or sore) already suggests, the biggest factor in the development of decubitus is the pressure that causes the skin and underlying tissue to die. As it was first and most noticed in bedridden patients, it was original known under the term bedsore. However, it is known today that pressure ulcers can develop in any position of the patients as long as he or she constantly maintains one position.

Since the skin is usually the last part to die and the underlying tissue will already have irreversible damage, it is crucially important that nurses know exactly what to look for when treating patients that stay in one position for a longer period of time. Non-healing or non-treated ulcers are at great risk of infection and at that stage, can be life threatening. Since pressure ulcers can start to develop within 24 hours of initial, constant pressure and also depend on other factors, prevention and early detection are a very important part of nurse training.

3B Scientific® offers a variety of decubitus care and management trainers and simulators for effective training of patient care skills and techniques.
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Elderly Pressure Ulcer Foot, 1013058 [W44757], Decubitus Care
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Elderly Pressure Ulcer Foot

373.89 €
Item: 1013058 [W44757]
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Wound Care Kits, 8000880 [3011907], Decubitus Care

Wound Care Kits

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Item: 8000880 [3011907]
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Intramuscular Injection Training Kits, 8000883 [3011909], Decubitus Care

Intramuscular Injection Training Kits

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Diabetic Foot Treatment Trainer, 1018815 [P14], Decubitus Care

Diabetic Foot Treatment Trainer

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Item: 1018815 [P14]
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Decubitus trainer, 1019698 [P15], Decubitus Care

Decubitus trainer

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Item: 1019698 [P15]
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Decubitus Treatment Simulator, 1005569 [W43026], Decubitus Care

Decubitus Treatment Simulator

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GERi™ Complete Nursing Skills Manikin, 1005597 [W44021], Decubitus Care

GERi™ Complete Nursing Skills Manikin

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Item: 1005597 [W44021]
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KERi Complete Nursing Skills Manikin, light skin, 1013742 [W44075], Decubitus Care

KERi Complete Nursing Skills Manikin, light skin

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Item: 1013742 [W44075]
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Geri and KERi Pressure Ulcer Foot, 1017985 [W44784F], Decubitus Care

Geri and KERi Pressure Ulcer Foot

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Item: 1017985 [W44784F]
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Life/form® Pressure Ulcer/Bedsore Models, 1017979 [W44788W], Decubitus Care

Life/form® Pressure Ulcer/Bedsore Models

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Item: 1017979 [W44788W]
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Wilma Wound Foot™, 1017978 [w46516], Decubitus Care

Wilma Wound Foot™

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Item: 1017978 [w46516]
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Optional Edema Foot, Geri/Keri, 1019744, Decubitus Care

Optional Edema Foot, Geri/Keri

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Item: 1019744
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Ulcerated Foot, 1019238 [W45016], Decubitus Care

Ulcerated Foot

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Item: 1019238 [W45016]

Carrying Bag, 1005832 [W46501], Decubitus Care

Carrying Bag

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Item: 1005832 [W46501]