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3B Scientific Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Made a Difference

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During this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, 3B Scientific emphasized the importance of early detection with a global campaign from our employees.

A supervisor from an occupational health clinic in a Mid-Atlantic state in the United States purchased a 3B Scientific breast cancer exam model after she saw the awareness campaign. While our client – for obvious reasons – wished to stay anonymous, she also wanted to share her story:


The self-examination model she purchased was shared with all women in her office and one of the associates working in the company went home with the model and performed a breast self-exam. As a result, she discovered a lump.

“The amazing part of the story is that she should not have been able to identify that there was an issue. All of the health care providers that she has encountered since the discovery have asked her how she felt it because the tumor is less than 1 cm. She is under the age of 40 and this tumor would have had several years to grow before it would have been discovered by routine mammogram. She is currently pursuing treatment options with a good prognosis due to early discovery and intervention.” says our customer and adds:

“I wanted to share this story with you and your company. So much of what we do in the day-to-day goes by unnoticed. I just want you to know that your product made a significant difference in someone’s life.”


Our entire team at 3B Scientific was extremely grateful to hear this emotional and positive story, which is a great example of medical education at work. Thank you for sharing!