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3B LASER NEEDLE, 10x infrared (785 nm)and 2x red (660 nm) laser light

3B LASER NEEDLE, 10x infrared (785 nm)and 2x red (660 nm) laser light


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10 x 50 mW, 785 nm (infrared laser light) and 2 x 50 mW, 660 nm (red laser light) including:

  • Laser unit with 12 exchangeable waveguides and radio interface
  • Control Touch Pad with radio interface and 5 rechargeable NIMH batteries with Integrated charging electronics
  • Swivel support arm with table and wall mounting
  • Patient’s protective glasses
  • 100 disposable applicators and 1 roll of fi xation tape
  • Instructions for use (D, E, F, I, S, P)
Protection class II to EN 60601-1
Application unit BF to EN60601-1
class IIb nach RL93/42 EWG
Laser class 3R to EN60825-1:2007
Without moisture protection (IPX0)

The entire 3B LASER NEEDLE System is delivered in an elegant metal carrying case. The instrument can be set up in just a few minutes in accordance with a simple modular design principle without a service technician. A technical safety inspection is only necessary every 2¤years. Additional 3B LASER NEEDLE versions on request.

Now available in the USA!  Check back for availablilty or click here to fill out a contact form.

 3B Laser Needle on Youtube
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Product Data
Item No. 1021373 [1008814]
Weight 8.245 kg
Brand 3B Scientific
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