e Sono Ultrasound Simulator - 3 Years License, 100 users

e Sono Ultrasound Simulator - 3 Years License, 100 users, 8001212, Ultrasound Simulation Software
e Sono Ultrasound Simulator - 3 Years License, 100 users, 8001212, Ultrasound Simulation Software
e Sono Ultrasound Simulator - 3 Years License, 100 users, 8001212, Ultrasound Simulation Software
e Sono Ultrasound Simulator - 3 Years License, 100 users, 8001212, Ultrasound Simulation Software
e Sono Ultrasound Simulator - 3 Years License, 100 users, 8001212, Ultrasound Simulation Software


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e Sono is an innovative cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) ultrasound simulator. It is designed to empower medical and sonography students, as well as clinicians of all experience levels, to enhance their ultrasound skills. With e Sono, you can learn and practice from any device with an internet connection, without the need for additional hardware.

e Sono features a comprehensive library of real ultrasound scans, both pathology and non-pathology, sourced from actual patients. The platform provides seamless access for both educators and learners. Simply log in to get started.

Explore over 600 ultrasound scans covering various anatomical areas such as the abdomen, pelvis, cardiology, and vascular systems. These scans offer a realistic training environment. Additionally, the platform offers an extensive collection of clinical cases and pathologies, enriching diagnostic capabilities.

Benefits for Educators:
  • Access to a continuously growing library of 600+ exercises
  • Includes pathology ultrasound scans
  • Give all students the flexibility of when and how to learn
  • Engaging digital training that complements laboratory work
  • Save evaluation time with automated objective assessment
  • Accommodate learners of different levels in one single solution
  • Ability to create your own content
Benefits for Learners:
  • Navigate through real ultrasound volumes as if you were with the patient
  • Prep yourself on specific content before class
  • Receive immediate feedback on each exercise
  • Practice probe positioning and enhance hand-eye coordination
  • Learn anytime, anywhere, and refine your skills beyond the lab.

Experience our interactive demo below

Anytime, anywhere: e Sono is a cloud-based software compatible with both Windows and Mac devices. It requires no installation or additional hardware, making it accessible from anywhere with an internet connection via your web browser.

Realistic ultrasound experience: All scan volumes within the platform are derived from actual patients. This ensures that when students encounter images with pathologies, they experience a lifelike scenario, as if they are working with a real patient in a clinical setting. This authentic approach enhances the learning experience.

Create courses and exams: Educators have the flexibility to create customized content tailored to the specific needs of their organizations and institutions. Educators can actively create new exercises and leverage the extensive scan volumes to support their tailored exercises.

Probe control: Effortlessly manipulate the digital probe using your mouse or touchscreen. During navigation exercises, learners can move, tilt, and rotate the probe for optimal imaging. e Sono also offers the option to use your smartphone to control the digital probe, promoting hand-eye coordination.

Anatomy: Includes an advanced anatomical layering system for sonography students. It features 7 layers: Circulatory, Skeletal, Organs, Connective Tissue, Nervous System, Lymphatic, and Muscular. Each layer is detailed and labeled to help identify and understand anatomical structures. This approach presents the relationships between bodily systems, crucial for precise anatomical knowledge in ultrasound imaging.

Cross-section: The cross-section allows detailed visualization of anatomy. Students can choose cuts on a full-body manikin, providing realistic views of internal structures. This helps ultrasonography learners mirror clinical scenarios, essential for positioning the ultrasound transducer and interpreting images. It develops spatial awareness and diagnostic skills for real-world applications.

Calipers: Annotating images is simplified, mirroring real ultrasound machines. You can create text annotations and insert linear, volume, and circumference measurements for your images. Additional features like depth and gain adjustment enhance your image capture experience.

Immediate feedback: Save time and enable students to compare their images before and after submitting each exercise. Learners receive instant feedback, and educators can conveniently access all results in one location.

Learner management: Create content, assign it to multiple users, and track their progress within a unified platform. e Sono stores results from all submitted exercises, streamlining the evaluation process for instructors.

Delivery Content:
e Sono operates as an online platform accessible from any internet-connected device, eliminating the need for additional hardware. To find the ideal license model for your organization, please reach out to our Sales team by clicking the "Price Request" button at the top of this page.
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