SAM4 Online Auscultation Software

SAM4 Online Auscultation Software, 8001149, Auscultation
SAM4 Online Auscultation Software, 8001149, Auscultation
SAM4 Online Auscultation Software, 8001149, Auscultation
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Running engaging and diversified classes and lectures requires effective learning tools to help organize and manage a classroom, whether directly at your facility or from a distance. Developed exactly with that in mind, SAM4 Online is an app- and webbased e-learning simulation software that efficiently enables you to take your auscultation classes to a next level. By incorporating SAM4 Online in your physical or digital classroom, you can engage with immersive auscultation training anywhere, anytime.
SAM4 Online auscultation e-learning simulation software and app allows educators to incorporate pre-prepared lesson content into lectures as well as use own materials. To diversify and expand their teaching tools, Cardionics lets the teacher take advantage of over 100 auscultation sounds with their corresponding descriptions, anatomical images and echocardiogram videos. Simply choose how to enrich your curriculum using this digitalized, curated content.
If you are an educator, here are some of the benefits of using SAM4 Online:
To diversify your lectures:
  • Customize your classes by using the curated Cardionics’ standardized lessons or uploading your own content
  • Demonstrate to your students over 100 high-quality cardiac, pulmonary, bowel and bruit sounds using the interactive Auscultation Player
  • Create, modify and grade assessments and view tests results
  • Put the information into context by utilizing real patient sound recordings, 12 echocardiogram videos and 24 case videos - each with a corresponding description (optional purchase 8001155)
To manage your students:
  • Easily import groups of students by uploading lists from Excel
  • Duplicate classes or lesson templates if you would like to use the same settings for several groups
  • Manage the progress of multiple classes of students, viewing their results on an individual as well as group level
  • Track your students’ development using SAM4 Online progress tool
Here is how students can benefit from SAM4 Online:
Guided by their teachers whilst using SAM4 Online, students gain knowledge in identifying different auscultation sounds and conditions. They can access the simulation software directly from their laptops or download the SAM4 Online app to interact with the content directly from their smart phones or tablets:
  • Join any number of classes by following the invitation from the teacher, scanning a QR code or following a link
  • Listen to high-quality auscultation sounds across anatomically correct locations on the virtual female and male manikin
  • Learn to evaluate benign and pathological heart, lung, bowel and bruit sounds
  • Track the progress through the lessons and study at own pace
  • Put the information into context by viewing echocardiogram videos or case studies with real patient data
  • Reinforce learning by using quizzes and assessments to see their development on the personal progress bar
Delivery content:
The license to SAM4 Online includes 200 accounts, which each institution is free to allocate however they like between admin, teacher and student accounts. For example, you could opt to have 3 admin accounts, 7 teacher accounts and 190 student accounts.
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