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Microscope Slides Our microscope slides are made under rigorous scientific control. They are the product of long experience combined with the most up to date techniques. The prerequisite for excellent preparations is good material, well preserved and fixed so that the finer structures are retained in as life-like a way as possible. Microtome sections are cut from this material by highly skilled and experienced staff. They are of a thickness which will finally result in slides from which the maximum resolution of the structural components can be obtained. Particular attention is paid to the staining technique and in each case the selected method for a particular specimen will ensure the best possible differentiation combined with clear definition and permanency of staining. The prepared microscope slides are delivered on best glasses with fine ground edges of the size 26 x 76 mm (1 x 3") and are mailed in solid boxes. All slides can be purchased either in complete sets and series or individually. For individual orders please use the products number W....and add /1 etc. We reserve the right to make minor alterations to the sets and compilations. The delivery time is between 6 - 8 weeks. The following Series are available: Series for Secondary Schools Histology and Human Science - Comprehensive Set Histology and Human Science - Detail Sets Zoology - Detail Sets Parasites and Pathogenic Bacteria Botany - Comprehensive Sets Bontay -Details Sets Cytology - Embryology - Genetics Ecology and Environment
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Protozoa - Portuguese Slides, 1003849 [W13001P], Portuguese

Protozoa - Portuguese Slides

Item: 1003849 [W13001P]

Vermes (Helminthes) - Portuguese Slides, 1003857 [W13003P], Portuguese

Vermes (Helminthes) - Portuguese Slides

Item: 1003857 [W13003P]

Crustacea - Portuguese Slides, 1003861 [W13004P], Portuguese

Crustacea - Portuguese Slides

Item: 1003861 [W13004P]

Arachnoidea and Myriapoda - Portuguese Slides, 1003865 [W13005P], Portuguese

Arachnoidea and Myriapoda - Portuguese Slides

Item: 1003865 [W13005P]

Insect (Insecta) - Portugiesisch, 1003869 [W13006P], Portuguese

Insect (Insecta) - Portugiesisch

Item: 1003869 [W13006P]

Mollusca - Portuguese Slides, 1003873 [W13007P], Portuguese

Mollusca - Portuguese Slides

Item: 1003873 [W13007P]

Echinodermata, Bryozoa and Brachiopoda - Portuguese Slides, 1003877 [W13008P], Portuguese

Echinodermata, Bryozoa and Brachiopoda - Portuguese Slides

Item: 1003877 [W13008P]

Cephalochordata (Acrania) - Portuguese Slides, 1003881 [W13009P], Portuguese

Cephalochordata (Acrania) - Portuguese Slides

Item: 1003881 [W13009P]

Bacteria, Basic Set - Portuguese Slides, 1003886 [W13011P], Portuguese

Bacteria, Basic Set - Portuguese Slides

Item: 1003886 [W13011P]

Algae - Portuguese Slides, 1003890 [W13012P], Portuguese

Algae - Portuguese Slides

Item: 1003890 [W13012P]

Fungi and Lichen - Portuguese Slides, 1003894 [W13013P], Portuguese

Fungi and Lichen - Portuguese Slides

Item: 1003894 [W13013P]

Bryophyta (Liverworts and Mosses) - Portuguese Slides, 1003898 [W13014P], Portuguese

Bryophyta (Liverworts and Mosses) - Portuguese Slides

Item: 1003898 [W13014P]

Pteridophytes (Ferns and Fern Allies) - Portuguese Slides, 1003902 [W13015P], Portuguese

Pteridophytes (Ferns and Fern Allies) - Portuguese Slides

Item: 1003902 [W13015P]

Angiospermae I. Gymnospermae - Portuguese Slides, 1003906 [W13016P], Portuguese

Angiospermae I. Gymnospermae - Portuguese Slides

Item: 1003906 [W13016P]

Angiospermae II. Cells and Tissues - Portuguese Slides, 1003910 [W13017P], Portuguese

Angiospermae II. Cells and Tissues - Portuguese Slides

Item: 1003910 [W13017P]

Angiospermae III. Roots - Portuguese Slides, 1003914 [W13018P], Portuguese

Angiospermae III. Roots - Portuguese Slides

Item: 1003914 [W13018P]

Angiospermae IV. Stems - Portuguese Slides, 1003918 [W13019P], Portuguese

Angiospermae IV. Stems - Portuguese Slides

Item: 1003918 [W13019P]

Angiospermae V. Leafs - Portuguese Slides, 1003922 [W13020P], Portuguese

Angiospermae V. Leafs - Portuguese Slides

Item: 1003922 [W13020P]

Angiospermae VI. Flowers - Portuguese Slides, 1003926 [W13021P], Portuguese

Angiospermae VI. Flowers - Portuguese Slides

Item: 1003926 [W13021P]

Angiospermae VII. Fruits and Seeds - Portuguese Slides, 1003930 [W13022P], Portuguese

Angiospermae VII. Fruits and Seeds - Portuguese Slides

Item: 1003930 [W13022P]

The Animal Cell - Portuguese Slides, 1003934 [W13023P], Portuguese

The Animal Cell - Portuguese Slides

Item: 1003934 [W13023P]

Plant Cell - Portuguese Slides, 1003938 [W13024P], Portuguese

Plant Cell - Portuguese Slides

Item: 1003938 [W13024P]

Set of Genetic Slides - Portuguese Slides, 1003942 [W13025P], Portuguese

Set of Genetic Slides - Portuguese Slides

Item: 1003942 [W13025P]

Sea Urchin Emryology (Psammechinus miliaris) - Portuguese Slides, 1003946 [W13026P], Portuguese

Sea Urchin Emryology (Psammechinus miliaris) - Portuguese Slides

Item: 1003946 [W13026P]

Frog Embryology (Rana) - Portuguese Slides, 1003950 [W13027P], Portuguese

Frog Embryology (Rana) - Portuguese Slides

Item: 1003950 [W13027P]