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Medical simulation has developed into an effective part of teaching gynecology. The scenario-based simulation training offers students, residents and allied healthcare professionals the chance to develop clinical core competencies in gynecological examinations and procedures, practicing on trainers and simulators that provide life-like scenes of normal, complicated and rare procedures.

Using gynecological examination simulators, trainees can for example practice:
  • The introduction of contraceptive devices (for example IUD insertion and removal, hormonal implant contraceptives)
  • Gynecological ultrasound diagnostics
  • Gynecological laparoscopy
  • Pelvic and vaginal examinations
  • The recognition of abnormal cervices
  • The palpation of normal and pregnant uteri
  • Performing pap smears
Patient safety and the quality of care can be enhanced by using medical simulation in obstetrics and gynecology. 3B Scientific® offers a large variety of gynecological patient simulators and gynecological procedure trainers, laparoscopy simulators and anatomy models and posters for gynecological education.
See For Yourself: Pap Tests Easel Display, 1018296 [W43132], Gynecology
New -

See For Yourself: Pap Tests Easel Display

Item: 1018296 [W43132]

Lymph Node Training Model, 1018463 [W43134], Gynecology
New -

Lymph Node Training Model

Item: 1018463 [W43134]

Pelvic Examination Simulator Set, 1017850 [W44745], Gynecology
New -

Pelvic Examination Simulator Set

Item: 1017850 [W44745]

Anesthesiology Lab Set, 8000874 [3011612], Gynecology

Anesthesiology Lab Set

Item: 8000874 [3011612]
3B Smart Anatomy 3 year warranty

Breast Examination Set, 8000875 [3011613], Gynecology

Breast Examination Set

Item: 8000875 [3011613]
3 year warranty

Intro to Gynecology Lab Set, 8000879 [3011906], Gynecology

Intro to Gynecology Lab Set

Item: 8000879 [3011906]
3B Smart Anatomy 3 year warranty

Gynecologic Skills Trainer P91, 1021592 [P91], Gynecology

Gynecologic Skills Trainer P91

Item: 1021592 [P91]
3 year warranty

Complete baby set, 1020336 [XP90-001], Gynecology

Complete baby set

Item: 1020336 [XP90-001]

Uterine wall, 1020338 [XP90-003], Gynecology

Uterine wall

Item: 1020338 [XP90-003]

C-Section Insert Pro, 1020339 [XP90-004], Gynecology

C-Section Insert Pro

Item: 1020339 [XP90-004]

Complete abdominal wall set, 1020340 [XP90-005], Gynecology

Complete abdominal wall set

Item: 1020340 [XP90-005]

Amniotic fluid insert, 1020341 [XP90-006], Gynecology

Amniotic fluid insert

Item: 1020341 [XP90-006]

Birth canal and cervix (2x birth canal / 1x cervix), 1020342 [XP90-007], Gynecology

Birth canal and cervix (2x birth canal / 1x cervix)

Item: 1020342 [XP90-007]

Birth canal and cervix (1x birth canal / 1x cervix), 1020343 [XP90-008], Gynecology

Birth canal and cervix (1x birth canal / 1x cervix)

Item: 1020343 [XP90-008]

Cervix / vulva, 1020345 [XP90-010], Gynecology

Cervix / vulva

Item: 1020345 [XP90-010]

C-Section Insert Basic, 1020346 [XP90-011], Gynecology

C-Section Insert Basic

Item: 1020346 [XP90-011]

Umbilical cord set, 1020347 [XP90-012], Gynecology

Umbilical cord set

Item: 1020347 [XP90-012]

Pin set (30 pieces), 1020348 [XP90-013], Gynecology

Pin set (30 pieces)

Item: 1020348 [XP90-013]

Plastic screw set (10 pieces), 1020349 [XP90-014], Gynecology

Plastic screw set (10 pieces)

Item: 1020349 [XP90-014]

Lubricating gel (2 x 250 ml), 1020608 [XP90-015], Gynecology

Lubricating gel (2 x 250 ml)

Item: 1020608 [XP90-015]

Leopold insert, 1020367 [XP90-016], Gynecology

Leopold insert

Item: 1020367 [XP90-016]

Replacement set for episiotomy trainer, 1019640 [XP95-001], Gynecology

Replacement set for episiotomy trainer

Item: 1019640 [XP95-001]

Replacement sets for episiotomy trainer (set of 5), 1019641 [XP95-002], Gynecology

Replacement sets for episiotomy trainer (set of 5)

Item: 1019641 [XP95-002]

Suture set episiotomy and suture trainer, 1020767 [XP95-003], Gynecology

Suture set episiotomy and suture trainer

Item: 1020767 [XP95-003]

Display of Contraceptives, 1017851, Gynecology

Display of Contraceptives

Item: 1017851