Electrophoresis: Agarose Gel Separation of Dyes

Electrophoresis: Agarose Gel Separation of Dyes, 1022410 [W56628], Electrophoresis Experiments

Introduce your students to this valuable separation science in a safe and colorful manner. Unlike DNA and other molecules which cannot be seen during electrophoresis, this activity uses dyes that can be observed during the actual procedure, providing visual reinforcement of the forces driving molecular movement and separation in the electrophoresis process. Kit contains enough materials to run ten 20ml agarose gels (actual number of runs may vary based on your equipment.)

Kit Includes:

  • 200ml of 2% Melt and Pour Agarose
  • 500 ml of %X TBE Buffer
  • 1 Set of Electrophoresis Dye Sample Set
Item No.: 1022410 [W56628]
Weight 1.43 kg
Dimensions 24.77 x 15.88 x 10.16 cm
Brand 3B Scientific

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