Experiment Set “Photosynthesis”

Experiment Set “Photosynthesis”, 1012864 [W16121], Botany Experiments and Kits
Experiment Set “Photosynthesis”, 1012864 [W16121], Botany Experiments and Kits
Experiment Topics
·         When do water plants produce oxygen?
·         How much oxygen do water plants produce?
·         What factors affect the photosynthesis?
With the help of this equipment set, it is possible to observe the process of photosynthesis using water plants as an example. The set can be used to investigate how photosynthesis depends on the light intensity, the wavelength of the light, the CO2 content of the water and various other parameters. It can be used for students to experiment with by themselves or by the teacher for demonstration purposes.  The accompanying CD-ROM contains not only detailed information for teachers including theoretical background for each experiment  but also a worksheet (report) which can be completed by the students.
1 Beaker (1 l)
1 Funnel
1 Universal bracket
4 Collection vessels
2 Rubber bungs
4 Colour filters (blue, yellow, red, green)
4 Neutral density filters
Instructions on CD-ROM in German and English
Product Information
Item No. 1012864 [W16121]
Weight 0.6 kg

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