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Introducing: Simulated Medications by Wallcur

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3B Scientific, joining forces with Wallcur—a vibrant new member of the 3B Scientific Group of Companies, is broadening its educational toolkit with an exciting range of simulated medications. This approach in simulation allows you to leave behind the risks tied to using expired drugs and the unnecessary wastage of real medicines. Wallcur's extensive collection of simulated medications is set to revolutionize your approach to medication management training, making it more effective and safer than ever.

Welcome to the world of mastering the art of medication administration in a completely safe setting with the use of realistic simulated vials, ampules, syringes, IV supplies, and an extensive range of simulated medications. These tools enable learners to practice critical skills such as reading and interpreting medication labels, accurately measuring dosages, and handling medications safely. As a result, learners bolster their clinical confidence. These simulated medications ensure that aspiring medical professionals are thoroughly equipped to navigate the complexities of medication management in clinical environments.

Simulated medications for realistic simulations!


Practi-Vials are an essential tool for learners to hone their skills in managing vials with caution. The range includes the fundamental Practi-Vial and Practi-Powder for practicing the reconstitution of multiple-dosage drugs. Also designed with specific drug names and without, in this case, to enhance repetitive training using our customizable Peel-N-Stick Labels.


The Practi-Ampules collection is meticulously designed to aid learners in mastering the sterile technique required during the opening/breaking of ampules, aspiration, dosage measurement, and more. With options like the standard Practi-Ampule or Practi-Amiodarone for simulating amiodarone HCl (Cordarone®) administration, these simulated ampules serve as a cornerstone for comprehensive clinical training, ensuring that learners are well-versed in the nuances of ampule handling.

IV Therapy products:

IV Fluid and Blood Bags by Wallcur are every user’s no-risk passport to mastering intravenous therapy. These realistic IV and blood bags are a game-changer, transforming the training room into a real-world clinic by allowing all trainees to perfect their IV administration techniques, ensuring they're fully prepared and confident when it's time to perform on actual patients, all while eliminating the risks associated with early learning curves.

Pre-filled Syringes and Code Medications​

Our single-use prefilled syringes are a perfect replica of the real versions used in healthcare for administering vaccines, anticoagulants, flush solutions, and biotech drugs because they offer a convenient and safe training alternative to the traditional vial and syringe methods. Learners are better prepared to handle administration with precision and confidence, ultimately enhancing patient safety and efficiency in drug delivery. Also designed in prefilled syringes are code medications such as Practi Epinephrine, Practi Atropine and more which are as realistic in colour and design as the real thing.

Other products available in simulated medication

You also have access to other products to perfectly complement your training requirements for medication administration:
How learners benefit from using simulated medications in their training:
  • Safe learning environment: Provides a risk-free setting for learners to practice medication administration, reducing the pressure of making errors with real drugs.
  • Elimination of expired medication risks: Training with expired medications might lead individuals to overlook the importance of checking expiry dates in actual settings. Simulated medications address this issue by enabling learners to become accustomed to checking expiry before each medication. It also offers a safe practice environment which eliminates hazardous issues such as spillage, accidental ingestion, or damage to manikins in a case where real medicines are used.
  • Skill development: Enhances essential skills such as medication preparation, dosage calculation, and administration techniques, crucial for patient care.
  • Repetition for mastery: Allows for repeated practice, ensuring learners achieve proficiency before entering the real clinical environment.
  • Cost-efficiency and waste reduction: Simulated medications save costs and minimize waste, as there's no need for real medications in the training process.
  • Label interpretation skills: Learners learn to accurately read and interpret medication labels, a vital skill in ensuring patient safety and correct drug administration.
  • Standardized training: Ensures uniform skill development across all learners, providing a consistent training experience that meets educational standards.
  • Customized training scenarios: Offers the flexibility to tailor training scenarios to expose learners to a wide variety of medical situations and drug types.
  • Dosage calculation practice: Learners gain hands-on experience in calculating and measuring multiple drug dosages, reinforcing their mathematical and analytical skills.
  • Promotes confidence: By mastering these skills in a controlled environment, learners build confidence in their clinical abilities, preparing them for real-world challenges.
The simulated medications by Wallcur are not intended for human or animal use, they are exclusively designed for educational purposes. These valuable training tools are readily available on our website at 3bscientific.com. For placing orders or discovering how these resources can enhance your program, please click here to reach out to us. Meanwhile, stay connected with us for updates on innovative educational tools by following @3BScientific on InstagramFacebookLinkedIn, and X