Voxel-Man ENT Basic System Virtual Reality Simulator

Voxel-Man ENT Basic System Virtual Reality Simulator, 1022079, Virtual Reality Simulators
Voxel-Man ENT Basic System Virtual Reality Simulator, 1022079, Virtual Reality Simulators
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Voxel-Man is a complete VR Surgical Simulation System for temporal bone dissection, endoscopic sinus surgery and adding own cases in CT or CBCT format. The system provides a versatile emulation of a surgical experience: the look, feel and tactile feedback are extremely close to the real intervention.

The VR simulation features both one and two-handed operation of instruments such as metal and diamond burs of different sizes or suction. The system offers predefined tasks, automatic skills assessment, visualization of learning curves, video capture as well as online updates. The trainee will quickly acquire a thorough understanding of the surgical anatomy and approaches, all within a safe learning environment.

Tempo – the temporal bone drilling simulation:
  • Pre-defined training cases of middle ear with different anatomy and pathology
  • Structures at risk such as facial nerve, tympanic chord, vestibular labyrinth, cochlea, auditory ossicles, carotid artery, sigmoid sinus and dura are highlighted
  • Optional support function provides automatic alerts
  • Predefined tasks such as exposure of sigmoid sinus, short process of the incus or facial nerve
  • Permanent tracking of instrument movements
  • Automatic skills assessment provides immediate and objective feedback of performance
  • Automatic video capture of session provides additional insights
  • Learning curves of individuals and groups help monitor and compare progress over time
My Cases – new simulations based on own data
  • Upload own clinical or research data from CT or CBCT to create new specialized training cases
  • System provides a bone model ready for drilling within minutes
  • 3D anatomy may be further enhanced with structures at risk, identified using an advanced interactive segmentation approach 
  • Your cases can reach the same functionality as predefined training cases 

  ENT Basic System ENT Full System Dental Full System
  1022079 1022080 1022081
Workstation computer
3D LCD Monitor
Two pairs of 3D glasses
Force feedback device (handle)
1 2 2
Space navigator
Foot pedal
Simulator housing with two arm rests and electrically adjustable height
Software modules      
"Tempo" for temporal bone drilling exercises
"My Cases" for adding new simulations based on own CT or CBCT data
"Sinus" for endoscopic sinus surgery exercises
Two-handed operation with bleeding and suction

Item No.: 1022079
Weight 30 kg
Brand Voxel-Man
MPN: ENT-520
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