Vitalograph ECO Bacterial Viral Filter BVF (Pack of 75)

Vitalograph ECO Bacterial Viral Filter BVF (Pack of 75), 1024264, Respiratory Monitors and Screeners
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Compatible with most Medisoft PFT and office spirometers including: Vitalograph, MIR, Micro Medical and COSMED devices.
The Vitalograph Eco BVF™ range protects patients, medical personnel and equipment from cross infection and contamination during pulmonary function testing.
Eco BVFs combine independently validated 99.999% bacterial and viral cross-contamination efficiency for medical personnel, patients and equipment, with a reduced environmental impact because less plastic used in manufacturing. The electrostatically charged barrier filters droplets, aerosols, bacteria and viruses out of the airstream. When a new BVF is used for every patient the interior of the device is protected so only exterior surface should require cleaning.
•           Optimal protection for patients, staff and equipment.
•           Validated cross-contamination efficiency >99.999%.
•           Proven efficiency at flow rates in excess of ERS high expiratory flow recommendations.
•           Traps expectorated matter, bacteria and viruses
•           80% reduction in energy expended during manufacturing*
•           54% reduction in filter waste volume*
•           Extended ergonomic oval mouthpiece with bite lip for improved patient comfort.
•           Suitable for inspiratory and expiratory spirometry testing.

Item No.: 1024264
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Brand Vitalograph
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