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Update time: REALITi 360 Version 11.2.1 is now live!

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Exciting news for all REALITi 360 users! The version 11.2.1 is now available, bringing enhancements and features implemented based upon your feedback! Lets dive straight into the details of the update and discover the possibilities that await you starting today!
Download the latest version 11.2.1 on your Appstore for an improved training experience!

General improvements:
  • Reported bug has been fixed: No response on tapping license update button 
  • It is now easier to change Atlas name and Wi-Fi settings
  • When attempting to cycle a blood pressure at the same time as trend vitals, the blood pressure will now display a result. The reported bug during trend time has been fixed
  • NIBP send improvement: added possibilities beyond the value of 180 mmHg
Corpuls C1 simulation:
  • Metronome-symbol and QRS-symbol are not shown at same time anymore
  • Possible to disable QRS-tone and metronome during AED-Rhythm analysis
  • NIBP Sound and Metronome now work at the same time
  • Improved blinking heart symbol
  • Filling pie chart can now be done in defib manual/manual

Corpuls 3/3T simulation:
  • Corpuls build now shows remote room code 
  • Fixes translation bugs for measuring d-ecg. "R-EKG Vermessen"
  • Pie chart edited for improved visibility when analyse button is pressed before the pie-chart is fully filled
  • Disable metronome, if Corpuls CPR is connected
 Mindray D3 simulation:
  • D3 voice prompt behaviour fixed when using the Mindray D3 manual defibrillator in manual mode and performing a charge
Zoll R simulation: 
  • Amiodarone added to the list of drugs
Zoll X & X Advanced simulation:
  • Screen behaviour fixed when in TBI mode moving to defib (as if the patient codes)
  • Filtered ECG now shows when CPR is being performed using a CPR band
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