Tension Training Module

Tension Training Module, 1024013, Replacements
9 tasks in 1 module.
This module allows exercises that focus on teaching how to manipulate elastic components inside the operating area and give the trainee the ability to understand various types of tension and general elasticity encountered with laparoscopic instruments.
It consist of a base with magnets and ABS material as well as exercise components. The components include – silicone triangles, a set of rubber bands, and twine.
The Tension Module allows the practice of many different types of exercises including arranging elastic elements, drawing-through twine, and building a tower.
Skills practiced include:

– a sense of flexibility
– tool control
– moving objects from hand to hand
– spatial perception
– string manipulation
– precision in guiding the tools
Recommended instruments

– Dissector
– Grasper

Item No.: 1024013
Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 2 x 10 x 10 cm
Brand Laparo
MPN: 5904024555223
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