About 3B Scientific

Meet 3B Scientific at DIDACTA 2023!

3B Scientific GmbH

When: March 7th – March 11th 2023
Where: Hall 1 stand D51  Messe Stuttgart, Germany

DIDACTA is one of Germany’s most valuable platforms for representatives from schools and universities who make impactful decisions that shape the future of young minds. 

3B Scientific to highlight biology models and physics experiments at DIDACTA 2023
We are delighted to be a part of DIDACTA 2023 to highlight teaching solutions that can simplify biology and physics lessons. Helping students learn even the most complex science topics at ease, 3B Scientific products have long been a part of classrooms worldwide. Join us at Hall 1 stand D51 at Messe Stuttgart and allow us to introduce to you the means to create engaging and effective science lessons.

Diverse learning possibilities with 3B Scientific Biology models
Meet our team at DIDACTA and find out how 3B Scientific can help you teach your students a diverse range of biology topics with ease. This year we have an interesting collection to show you such as the new Biomembrane model – the latest addition to 3B Scientific’s Biology supplies category. Apart from this, you can also check out our Anatomy models like Stan – the skeleton,  best-sellers like Cell models, Earth Science models, and the 3B Scientific special – 3B Smoke model

3B Smart Anatomy – 3B Scientific anatomy models now come with their virtual twins
3B Smart Anatomy has been developed with the concept of "Virtual meets Reality" in mind. It is an exclusive combination of the extremely realistic 3B Scientific® anatomical models with incredibly detailed virtual models accessible in the all-new app.
  • Freely rotate models and zoom in and out
  • Display hotspots and their anatomical structures
  • Use the Augmented Reality (AR) feature
  • Use the Quiz to test and improve your anatomical knowledge with instant results and final score evaluation
  • Use the drawing function which allows you to customize images and save them to your device to share
  • Useful Notes function to help you with your personal learning
  • Study both male and female anatomy
  • Access your 3D models at any time, online and offline
  • The entire app is available in 11 languages 
Run experiments with reliable set ups by 3B Scientific
3B Scientific Physics experiments offer an easy way of running experiments and teach your students even the most complex topics.
Make sure to stop by our booth to see our soon-to-be-launched new Remote-Controlled Positioning System PS400! Enabling fast and exactly reproducible positioning of components in experiments, you can perform experiments quickly without disturbing the influences of the person experimenting. This positioning system will be launched with three experiments – the Coulomb experiment, experiments in liquid, and experiment to investigate Biot-Savart law.