Laser Reflection Sensor

Laser Reflection Sensor, 1001034 [U8533380], Rotational Motion Accessory
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Product Information: ..
Sensor for triggering a digital interface or a digital counter (U8533341) in time measurements on moving objects. Suitable for opto electronic scanning of light and dark markings on moving objects or in conjunction with a reflecting foil to form a wide spaced obstruction sensor. The intensity of the laser beam is adjusted automatically according to the distance of the object. Includes reflecting foil, stand rod with screw thread and connector lead with 8 pin miniDIN plugs for the digital counter.

Specifications: ..
Light source: Laser module;  λ = 630 nm
Beam divergence: 1 mrad approx.
Max. light power: 500 µW
Maximum range: 2,5 m
Laser protection class: II
Dimensions: 40 mm x 25 mm x 90 mm
Mass: 0,05 kg approx.

Contents: ..
1 Laser reflection sensor
1 MiniDIN connecting cable
1 Piece of reflecting foil

Note: ..
In case you want to connect the laser reflection sensor with a digital interface, e.g. with the WiLab (item no: 1022284) or the VinciLab (item no: 1021477), a suitable connection cable (item no: 1021688) and a Coach7 software license must be ordered separately.


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Item No.: 1001034 [U8533380]
Weight 0.2 kg
Brand 3B Scientific
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