Laminar Flow Apparatus

Laminar Flow Apparatus, 1006784 [U8404248], Hydrodynamics
Laminar Flow Apparatus, 1006784 [U8404248], Hydrodynamics
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For demonstrating and investigating the laminar flow properties of water. The emergence of currents in water, the flow of current in the case of straight laminar flow and the overflow of differently shaped bodies can be studied. The flow of current at a narrows can also be demonstrated clearly.

A rectangular piece of velour paper is placed in the apparatus consisting of an upper and lower trough. Owing to capillary forces, water from the upper trough is drawn in by the paper. The water flows down into the velour paper. The flow of water in the upper level is marked with a dye at constant intervals. Owing to the low speed of flow of approx. 2 mm/s, the development of currents can be observed with the help of the dye. After the velour paper has been dried, a lasting current pattern remains, which can be copied and evaluated.

Specifications: 1
Dimensions: approx. 220 mm x 140 mm x 240 mm
Weight: approx. 1 kg

2   Acrylic glass basins
1   Mask
20   Sheets of velour paper with cut-outs
1   Mini-flask with dye
    Swab for dye
    Rubber gloves


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Item No.: 1006784 [U8404248]
Weight 0.94 kg
Brand 3B Scientific
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