FLS Compatible Module 1

FLS Compatible Module 1, 1024007, Options
FLS Compatible Module 1, 1024007, Options
Laparo FLS Compatible 1 module features foam inserts that are a replica of organs and vessels, which must be ligated with the endo-loop within a scheduled period. This module is compatible specifically with the FLS standard (Mostly used in Northern America).

The aim of the exercise during the exam is to put on a loop and tighten it in the place marked by the black line. The loop must be placed firmly around the specified element. A 1 mm deviation from the position of the loop to the black line is allowed.

The pad is reusable and replacement pads are available.

Recommended instruments: endo-loop and grasper / dissector.

NOTE: The red foam element should not be washed with water. Other elements of the training module can be wiped with a damp, soft cloth.
Item No.: 1024007
Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 2.5 x 10 x 10 cm
Brand Laparo
MPN: 5904024555087
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