Riser Tubes for Pressure Measurement

Riser Tubes for Pressure Measurement, 1002573 [U10003], Ultrasound
Riser Tubes for Pressure Measurement, 1002573 [U10003], Ultrasound
Set of four riser tubes with millimeter scales for measuring the relationship between pressures at up to four measuring locations in a flow circuit. Includes tubing and Luer-Lock connectors for attachment to a flow circuit and stand.

Experimental Topics:
  • Doppler sonographic examinations of the human arm
  • Measurement of the flow velocity of blood
  • Recording of Doppler spectra and pulse curves
  • Diagnosis of stenosis (vascular stricture) in an arm
  • Length: 1000 mm
  • Connectors Luer Lock, male
  • Length of tubing: 1200 mm
  • Tubing connector: 3/8“ female Luer Lock connector

Overview of all experiments in which the product is used

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Item No.: 1002573 [U10003]
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