Experiment: Fluid Mechanics

Experiment: Fluid Mechanics, 8001224 [UE9020300], Ultrasound
Experiment: Fluid Mechanics, 8001224 [UE9020300], Ultrasound
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Objective: Investigate the fundamental characteristics of stationary and laminar flowing liquids by using the ultrasonic Doppler method

The applications of the Doppler Effect in the medical diagnostics are at the investigation of running movements and moving structures as in cardiologic diagnostics, arterial and venous blood vessels, brain blood circulation and postopera­tive blood vessel control. In the experiment, flow measurements according to the ultrasonic Doppler method are used to demonstrate fundamental laws governing the flow of liquids in pipes and their dependence on the flow velocity and the pipe geometry. The relationship between flow velocity and tube cross section (continuity condition) as well as between flow resistance and tube diameter (law of Hagen-Poiseuille) are examined.


Ultrasound coupler gel recommended, not included in the scope of delivery. Alternatively, water can also be used.
Detailed experiment instructions (only available in German and English) are included with the experiment.

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