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REALITi360 New Version 10.2 Now Available

3B Scientific GmbH

REALITi360 is the complete system for highly advanced patient simulation by iSimulate. The team has just announced Version Release 10.2 with several improvements to the simulation as well as bug fixes from user feedback.

Update now to take advantage of the newest improvements and features of your REALITi360 system by iSimulate:

Zoll X monitor simulation:
  • Added settings toggle for auto analyze
  • Added Check Patient text when waiting for manual analyze
  • Selection of pads / leads changes when defibrillator energy is selected
  • Set the waveform to change immediately when CPR button pressed
Zoll R monitor simulation:
  • Added language settings for prompts
  • Changed defibrillator startup behaviors to pads instead of leads
Zoll R and Zoll X monitor simulation:
  • Added voice prompts and text
Zoll AED monitor simulation:
  • Added higher pitched sound for the remaining 10 seconds of defibrillator charged
  • Added setting for disarm timeout
Philips Intellivue MX800 monitor simulation:
  • Replaced IBP Sys/Dia views with a single IBP view which includes the mean value Improvements
V12.2 also includes the following updates:
  • Changed monitors from premium to generic on included scenarios
  • Added Feedback → Report a Problem button on main screen
  • Tidied up version info on main screen
  • Added settings for Generic Monitor
    • SpO2 sound changes pitch
  • Added settings for Generic Defibrillator
    • Default energy
    • Escalate shock energy levels
    • Energy escalation protocol
  • Added settings for Generic AED
    • SpO2 sound change on pitch
    • Shock energy
    • AED and ADED voice settings
  • Advanced HR control
    • Simplified ectopics control
    • Improved tap behaviour of ectopics control
  • Improved UI on smaller iPads
  • Performance and stability improvements
Make sure to update your system to the latest version release by following the steps in your software.
If you are wondering what product line this update is for, check out the REALITi360 Patient Monitor System by iSimulate here.

Version Release Info V12.2 iSimulate REALITI360 Patient Monitor Simulators.pdf (PDF)