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Manikin based simulation will improve your emergency training

3B Scientific GmbH

Think about your simulation based training. What is the most challenging setting you have to train for? Is it due to the logistics or the medical intervention that needs to be simulated?
We took a closer look and are sharing many examples of simulation and trainings that seem unusual at first, yet are extremely important to prepare for. Confined space? There is a solution. Intubation in a bio-containment stretcher? Sure. Evacuation… helicopters… bathrooms… active shooter scenes. 3B Scientific has got you covered with simulation solutions and we challenge you to find a scenario we can’t help you with.
That being said, lately a lot of attention was given to the newly developed Atlas ALS manikin that is entirely integrated with the patient monitoring ecosystem REALITi 360. With presentations, demos and installations around the globe in just the few past months, feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Atlas and REALITi are the ideal solution combination for ALS training whenever and where ever your scenario is set up. Apart from the realism and functionality, as well as amazing airway management features, this combination is also easy on your budget.
Schedule a demo right away with our team and find out how Atlas and REALITi can improve your ALS training.