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How can educators teach Pediatric Life Support conforming to the new ERC Guidelines?

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The emergency pediatric cases that require Life Support have always been challenging to handle.  Therefore, to streamline the initial response by the emergency services in all its member countries, the ERC (European Resuscitation Council) drafts specific resuscitation guidelines, updating them every year. The recently released 2021 ERC Guidelines come with a reminder about the trainng in the management of PLS (Pediatric Life Support).

The ERC guidelines lay importance to the need of teams possessing the knowledge and skills, as well as the required training in smooth choreography of any PLS interventions. The important question here is – how can the teams or the students preparing to join the pediatric emergency services be trained to face varying critical scenarios, all this while adhering to the ERC guidelines? The answer is simple – With the REALITi 360 simulation system. This highly advanced simulation system offers the possibility to mimic Defibrillators, Monitors, and Ventilators. Therefore, helping provide quality hands-on experience in the management of critical emergency cases following the 2021 ERC guidelines.

Realistic training with ABCDE approach in mind
REALITi 360 simulation system, training the measurement of vital sign parameters of Heart Rate, Blood Pressure. Pulse Oximetry and Capnography is also possible. Available to the REALITi 360 system are 47 PLS related scenarios giving response teams the confidence to face real-time scenarios effectively. REALITi 360 enables realistic training of the interventions required in the management of Cardiac Arrest and Obstructive Airways while following the ERC recommendations for Pediatric Life Support. The following actions can be performed with the help of checklist items and the features on the REALITi 360 simulated monitor/defibrillator:
  • Interpretation of ECG's and ectopic rhythms
  • Use of defibrillators and AEDs in a realistic manner
  • Performance of high-quality CPR (compressions rate, depth & recoil)
  • Oxygenation and ventilation
  • Drug calculation and administration
  • The value of communication in the team-based approach
  • Airway management
A global community to advance medical education
The REALITi 360 Community is an online platform exclusive to iSimulate, allowing users of REALITi 360 to join, share and discuss a range of scenarios including those covered by the ERC Guidelines. Educators are able to create or join groups within their discipline across the globe. This global platform brings the simulation community closer together facilitating the accessibility of education.

To find out more about the REALITi 360, simply click on the link below to view the digital brochure.

Brochure- REALITi 360