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Cardionics Success Story with the University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine (UTMB)

3B Scientific GmbH

Being one of the largest academic health centers in Texas, USA, in offering medicine, nursing, health professions and bio medical sciences programs, the University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine (UTMB) worked with Cardionics, a 3B Scientific company, to equip their auscultation skills lab with an excellent auscultation simulator that requires minimal setup and operational support.

UTMB teaches over 1200 students a year with Cardionics SAM Models. “SAM Models are my most useful tool. They're very dependable and functional. There's a big difference between the SAM II model and other high-fidelity manikins. Anybody can use a SAM II right out of the box, there's almost zero learning curve.” said Bill Boudreaux, EdN, RN, CEN Assistant Professor/Medical Education Office of Clinical Simulation at UTMB.

Find out more about the SAM II Model as well as the new SAM 3G Auscultation Manikin from Cardionics here.

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