Cando peanut roll, 50cm (19.7in)

Cando peanut roll, 50cm (19.7in), 1015443 [W67192], Gimnasztikai labdák
48 514,00 Ft


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19.7 inches high. The Cando® inflatable rolls are much easier to control than exercise balls because motion is limited to the forward and backward rotation. These colorful inflatable molded heavy-duty vinyl rolls can support up to 600 pounds. Rolls aid in developing muscles, coordination, and balance. Further, the “saddle” offers extra support for the patient. Rolls also make a great addition to individual physical fitness regimes.
Kódszám: 1015443 [W67192]
Súly 1.752 kg
Méret 50.8 x 50.8 x 50.8 cm
Márka CanDo
MPN: 30-1726
  • Személyre szabott tanácsadás
Ügyfélszolgálat telefonszáma
+ 36 1 431 09 14

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