Aurora the Ventilation Training Simulator, light skin manikin

Aurora the Ventilation Training Simulator, light skin manikin, 1025194, Respiratory Simulation
Aurora the Ventilation Training Simulator, light skin manikin, 1025194, Respiratory Simulation
Aurora the Ventilation Training Simulator, light skin manikin, 1025194, Respiratory Simulation
Aurora the Ventilation Training Simulator, light skin manikin, 1025194, Respiratory Simulation

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Discover the Aurora manikin, a cost-effective choice for enhanced respiratory and ventilation training scenarios. This advanced medical simulator is designed to strengthen critical skills in decision-making, team coordination, and patient care, with a particular focus on respiratory management, ventilator use, and Advanced Life Support (ALS) techniques.

Its capability to provide detailed patient condition assessments and simulate a wide array of clinical situations makes Aurora an essential tool for professionals in Respiratory Therapy, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Emergency Nursing, ICU/Critical Care, and Physicians.
Advanced Internal Simulated Lung Technology

Aurora takes medical simulation to new heights with its Internal Simulated Lung (ISL), which is based on the world-renowned ASL 5000® Breathing Simulator technology. This technology ensures a deeply immersive, hands-on training experience, featuring a tetherless system to facilitate lifelike ventilator interactions, ideal for training healthcare professionals.

Aurora is compatible with nearly any mode of ventilation, it accurately simulates respiratory mechanics, maintains therapeutic PEEP levels, and breathes spontaneously while being ventilated to prepare healthcare professionals for a wide range of ventilation scenarios. 
Real-Time Feedback for BVM Ventilation Training

Aurora is designed to teach and enhance bag-valve-mask (BVM) ventilation skills for healthcare professionals.  Users can practice and perfect their BVM techniques under various clinical scenarios while receiving real-time feedback  on critical factors such as volume, pressure, and rate of delivered breaths.  Aurora’s advanced sensors and feedback systems allow for the recreation of different complexities encountered in real respiratory emergencies to provide learners with a realistic and challenging training environment.

Mastering Non-Invasive Ventilation Techniques

Aurora allows learners to also gain hands-on experience with non-invasive ventilation strategies, including the management of various respiratory conditions using CPAP and BiPAP systems. Aurora ensures that medical professionals build the competence and confidence to utilize non-invasive ventilation techniques effectively and safely in clinical settings.

Realistic Critical Care Ventilation Training

The Aurora manikin serves as a vital resource for critical care and ICU training, providing an authentic experience with ventilator settings, alarms, and patient reactions. It responds accurately to a multitude of patient conditions and disease states such as Asthma, COPD, ARDS, and emphysema. Additionally, it simulates patients with spontaneous breathing during ventilation, covering the entire spectrum from those with weak breathing efforts to those ready for extubation, making it an indispensable tool for bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and hands-on clinical practice.

Key Training Features of the Aurora Manikin:
  • Highly realistic ventilation training at an affordable cost
  • Compatible with your own real equipment including bag-valve mask, non-invasive ventilation (CPAP/BiPAP), and ICU ventilators
  • Ideal for team training due to comprehensive patient assessment capabilities
  • Provides dynamic feedback through chest movements, imaging like x-rays and CT scans, realistic sounds, and a lifelike Patient Monitor interface
  • Facilitates patient transport scenarios with its wireless capabilities
  • Includes a Debriefing environment with objective simulation data, as well as real-time feedback for BVM ventilation and CPR
  • Features user-friendly software for intuitive patient simulation management and custom scenario creation
Aurora’s key simulation capabilities underscore its role as an invaluable asset in medical education, particularly for those specializing in respiratory therapy and critical care.

Detailed Technical Specifications

Advanced Respiratory Mechanics:

Aurora offers intricate respiratory simulations with adjustable parameters for resistance, compliance, and breath rate, along with a high maximum tidal volume and the ability to hold substantial PEEP. Unique features include:
  • Resistance – 8 to 150 cmH20/L/s
  • Compliance – 3 to 150 mL/cmH20
  • Breath rate – passive to 100 bpm
  • Patient effort (muscle pressure) – 0 to 50 cmH20
  • Neural inspiratory time – 0.1 to 3.6 seconds
  • Tidal volume – Maximum 900 mL
  • Holds PEEP > 20 cmH20
  • Simulate tracheal as well as left and right bronchial resistance
  • Simulate independent inspiratory and expiratory resistance
  • Simulate independent left and right lung compliance
  • Control patient’s work of breathing with variable patient effort
  • Spontaneous breathing recognized by a real mechanical ventilator
  • Virtual Ventilator software included for fully software-based simulations
Intuitive Simulation Control
Control features include:
  • Pre-built lung models and scenarios provided by IngMar Medical
  • Save custom lung models and scenarios
  • Simulate a cough breath during simulation with one click
  • Randomize all lung parameters within a set boundary
  • Trend each lung parameter individually
  • Vary lung parameters during scenario with immediate impact on ventilator waveforms
  • Change ventilation modes (e.g. volume to pressure control) seamlessly on the same patient without adjusting patient settings or interrupting the simulation
Comprehensive Patient Assessment and Psychomotor Skills Training
The Aurora manikin accommodates adult and pediatric (12 years and older) patient simulations, featuring:
  • Anatomically realistic chest movement
  • Unilateral and bilateral chest movement
  • Anatomically correct airway allows for realistic oral and nasal intubation using OPA, NPA, iGel, LMA, LT, and ETT
  • Vascular access (IV/IO)
  • Head tilt and chin lift
  • CPR with real-time feedback
  • Bag-valve mask training with real-time feedback
  • Gastric insufflation
  • Esophageal intubation
  • Tetherless capability (runs without wall power for at least 2 hours)
  • Connect software wirelessly
  • Realistic, durable skin
  • True-to-life Patient Monitor provides learner with assessments during simulation
  • Library of EKG and CO2 waveforms
  • 12 lead ECG display
  • Heart, lung, and bowel sound auscultation
Versatile Ventilation Scenario Applications:
  • Autora interacts realistically with all modes of ventilation including Pressure/Volume Control, and spontaneous modes such as Pressure Support, ASV, and PAV
  • Interacts realistically with Bag-valve Mask (BVM) and Non-invasive Ventilation (NIV)
  • Simulate any type of patient-ventilator dyssynchrony scenario (inspiratory, expiratory, trigger, and cycle)
  • Simulate spontaneous breathing trial or patient weaning scenarios
  • Find optimal PEEP using pre-built non-linear compliance curves (ARDS)
Delivery Content
  • Aurora manikin containing advanced respiratory and lung technology
  • Windows-based tablet with pre-installed RespiSim® Software
  • Window- based tablet with pre-installed RespiSim® Patient Monitor application
  • Manikin charger
  • Manikin consumables package including tape, lubricant, IV cannulation pad-forearm, IV cannulation pad-dorsal, humeral IO replacement, and humeral IO extra fat
  • User Manual
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