Pre-Term Baby light / female

Pre-Term Baby light / female, 1024671, Newborn
Pre-Term Baby light / female, 1024671, Newborn
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Tiniest Lives Need the Greatest Care: Embracing Pre-term Babies

With approximately 1.9 million babies worldwide born within the 28–29-week gestational range annually. This significant number underscores the urgent need for healthcare providers to be well-prepared for their medical management. Our pre-term baby by Lifecast Body Simulation is an accurate depiction of a baby born at 28-29 weeks gestation, created through scanning, and sculpting of real new-born premature babies.

Our pre-term manikin will aid in the training of healthcare providers for the urgent medical management of premature patients, a challenge that has been widely recognized.

An anatomically correct and highly realistic pre-term manikin, helps healthcare professionals to:
  • Enhance established protocols to address the various complexities presented by premature new-borns.
  • Attain proficiency in the skills required for the optimal care of preterm infants, leading to improved patient outcomes.
  • Develop emotional intelligence using realistic manikins which is integral to providing compassionate, effective, and high-quality healthcare. Employing realistic mankins plays a crucial role in the development of both mental and physical resilience in healthcare professionals.
Key features:
  • True average weight representation of 980 grams
  • Anatomically accurate outer body
  • Anatomically correct internal airway ensure proper technique for:
    • ET/NP/OP tube insertion
    • Intubation
  • Reactive chest that rises and falls when artificially ventilated. (This manikin is suitable for High frequency Oscillatory ventilation)
  • Realistic airway pressures and ventilatory volumes
  • CPR capable chest
  • Designed to facilitate a 50/50 duty cycle during chest compressions
  • Drug administration up to 5mL through umbilical cord
  • Skin turgor for dry training of intravenous therapy
Delivery Content:
  • Pre-term baby
  • Maintenance kit

Item No.: 1024671
Weight 1 kg
Brand Lifecast
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