Decubitus trainer

Decubitus trainer, 1019698 [P15], Decubitus Care
Decubitus trainer, 1019698 [P15], Decubitus Care
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With the decubitus trainer, nursing and medical students can learn about professional assessment (examination, measurement and description), wound care and bandaging techniques in various stages of decubitus. This training can considerably improve standards in recognizing and taking care of decubitus in real patients.

The material of the decubitus trainer is flexible and can help provide realistic training in changing and putting on dressings and bandages, which form a considerable part of nursing and wound care. The following decubitus stages are shown on the trainer:

Decubitus grade 1 (greater trochanter – right)
On the greater trochanter, a grade 1 decubitus can be seen: there is redness, but the skin is intact.

Decubitus grade 2 (buttocks – right)
In the sacrum area (Os sacrum) Partial skin loss is visible: the outer skin (epidermis) shows signs of damage which extends into the dermis (corium). The superficial pressure injury shown can manifest itself through the development of blisters and skin abrasions.

Decubitus grade 3 (buttocks – left)
In the lower left area of the buttocks, grade 3 decubitus can be seen: recognized by the loss of all layers of the skin, with damage to the subcutaneous tissue, through to necrosis. This is recognizable by the black coloration in the wound area.

Decubitus grade 4 (greater trochanter – left, sacrum)
A pronounced grade 4 decubitus is presented on the greater trochanter (trochanter major) and on the sacrum (os sacrum): all skin layers and muscle fascia have been destroyed. Necrotic areas have been marked black. The muscles and bone areas below this layer are also affected. This damage could become necrotic. Supporting structures such as tendons, ligaments or joint structures can also be affected. Pocket formations, more or less extended, can also be seen.

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