CanDo Economy Pedal Exerciser, unassembled

CanDo Economy Pedal Exerciser, unassembled, 1021260, Mini Peddlers
CanDo Economy Pedal Exerciser, unassembled, 1021260, Mini Peddlers
CanDo Economy Pedal Exerciser, unassembled, 1021260, Mini Peddlers
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Pedal exercisers are inexpensive and portable exercisers for both the upper and lower body. They can be used on the floor for foot pedaling, or on the tabletop for hand pedaling. Wide leg spread and non-marring feet keep  exerciser stable even when patient has little muscle control. Wrap around adjustable foot straps for use with or without shoes. Adjustable tension knob allows for easy changes in pedaling difficulty level. Pedal forwards or backwards.

  • Portable bi-directional upper- and lower-body pedaling
  • Wide leg spread and rubber nonmarring feet keep exerciser stable
  • Use wraparound adjustable straps to secure feet or arms
  • Adjust resistance by turning tension knob clockwise towards “High” to increase difficulty or counter clockwise towards “Low” to reduce difficulty

The CanDo KD pedal exerciser ships KD (knocked down, 3-piece construction). The exercise requires some light assembly, and all tools are included in the package. 
Item No.: 1021260
Weight 3.15 kg
Brand CanDo
MPN: 10-0711
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