Teenager (Kelsey) 

Teenager (Kelsey) 
, 1024738, Adult
Teenager (Kelsey) 
, 1024738, Adult
Teenager (Kelsey) 
, 1024738, Adult
Teenager (Kelsey) 
, 1024738, Adult
Teenager (Kelsey) 
, 1024738, Adult
Teenager (Kelsey) 
, 1024738, Adult
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Where medical simulation meets Youth

Teenagers (usually defined as individuals between the ages of 13 to 19) constitute approximately 16% of the global population, therefore there is a substantial demand for healthcare providers to be well-versed in adolescent healthcare.

Introducing Kelsey, the latest addition to Lifecast Body Simulation's product line, a lifelike adolescent manikin designed and manufactured in the UK. Kelsey's remarkable accuracy is achieved through scanning and sculpting of real-life teenager therefore capturing intricate details such as veins, underlying structures, hair, and precise anatomical mouth and airway.

Available as a dark-skinned female manikin, Teenager Kelsey stands as a representation of the average height for a female teenager, 170cm. By catering to the distinct anatomical and physiological features of teenagers, Teenager Kelsey addresses a crucial gap in medical training, resulting in an ultimate improvement in the quality of care offered to this age group.

Areas where Teenager Kelsey can offer immense value in:
  • Adolescent Medical Procedures: Teenager Kelsey could be used to simulate medical procedures specific to adolescent, such as intravenous placements, intraosseous placement, or catheterizations. This would allow healthcare providers to practice and refine their skills for this age group.
  • Resuscitation and Life Support: Healthcare providers could practice paediatric and adolescent CPR, defibrillation, and advanced life support techniques on the manikin, improving their skills for critical situations.
Key features:
  • Anatomically accurate outer body
  • Anatomically correct internal airway ensure proper technique for:
    • Intubation
    • ET/NP/OP tube insertion
  • Realistic chest that rises and falls when artificially ventilated
  • CPR cable chest
  • Designed to facilitate 50/50 duty cycle during chest compression
  • Skin turgor for dry training of intravenous therapy
  • Partial urinary catheter insertion
  • Application for intraosseous placement
Delivery Content:
  • Teenager manikin
  • Stretcher
  • Maintenance Kit

Item No.: 1024738
Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 175 x 55 x 22 cm
Brand Lifecast
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