Experiment: Archimedes’ Principle

Experiment: Archimedes’ Principle, 8000526 [UE1020850], Buoyancy
Experiment: Archimedes’ Principle, 8000526 [UE1020850], Buoyancy
Objective: Determining buoyant updraught as a function of immersion depth

Archimedes’ principle states that a body immersed in a fluid experiences an upward force (updraught or force of buoyancy) FG. The magnitude of this force is equal to the weight of the displaced fluid. For a regularly shaped immersed body, the updraught is proportional to the depth h to which the body is immersed as long as this is smaller than the height H of the body itself.


游标卡尺,150 mm, 1002601 [U10071], 长度测量

游标卡尺,150 mm

1002601 [U10071]
实验用的起重器II, 1002941 [U15020], 抓子游戏


1002941 [U15020]
双联式三脚架座, 1002835 [U13270], 基底


1002835 [U13270]
不锈钢杆 750mm, 1002935 [U15003], 三脚架杆 支架杆

不锈钢杆 750mm

1002935 [U15003]
带有挂钩的固定夹, 1002828 [U13252], 夹具


1002828 [U13252]
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