Experiment: Hooke's Law, Basic equipment

Experiment: Hooke's Law, Basic equipment, 8000747 [UE1020100], Forces
Objective: Confirm Hooke’s law for coil springs under tension

In any elastic body, extension and tension are proportional to one another. This relationship was discovered by Robert Hooke and is frequently demonstrated using a coil spring with weights suspended from it. The change in the length of the spring is proportional to the force of gravity F on the suspended weight. In this experiment, five different coil springs will be measured. Thanks to a suitable choice of wire diameter and coil diameter, the spring constants all span one order of magnitude. In each case, the validity of Hooke’s law will be demonstrated for forces in excess of the initial tension.

Additionally recommended: Supplement UE1020100S.


一套槽形砝码20g, 1003226 [U30030], 砝码


1003226 [U30030]
竖直标尺,1m, 1000743 [U8401560], 长度测量


1000743 [U8401560]
Set of Riders for Rulers, 1006494 [U8401570], 长度测量

Set of Riders for Rulers

1006494 [U8401570]
圆筒支脚, 1002834 [U13265], 基底


1002834 [U13265]
带有挂钩的固定夹, 1002828 [U13252], 夹具


1002828 [U13252]
不锈钢杆 1000mm, 1002936 [U15004], 杆

不锈钢杆 1000mm

1002936 [U15004]
双联式三脚架座, 1002835 [U13270], 基底


1002835 [U13270]
产品编号: 8000747 [UE1020100]
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