Perform practical experiments using Demonstration Electron Tubes and tubes for student demonstrations from Teltron. See the wide range of Helmholtz coils, discharge tubes, tube holders, gas filled triodes, Dual-beam tubes, Thompson tubes, Perrin CR tubes, Luminescence tubes, and Maltese-cross tubes.

The Franck-Hertz Experiment is well-known for demonstrating discrete energy states in atoms. Recreate this Nobel Prize winning physics demonstration using these components. Everything you need is here, including Neon or Mercury tubes, heater, power supply and oscilloscope.

Set up class demonstrations using these all-in-one complete kits: The classic e/m for the Electron experiment, Advanced NMR/ESR Systems, Spectroscopy Systems, the Model 400 Diffusion Cloud Chamber, and Nuclear Lab stations suitable for high school and junior college science labs.
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