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The latest REALITI version 11.4.1 is here!

3B Scientific GmbH

Streamline your REALITi 360 experience with the all-new version 11.4.1! This update includes new features and enhancements to ensure a smooth REALITi 360 experience. Visit the App Store to download the latest version today. 

Fresh upgrades and new features are ahead: 
Connections Panel & Facilitator  
  • Added additional menu items to monitor and control within the facilitator screen. Which will remotely open the connections panel on monitors. Due to the swipe gesture not allowing connections panel to open for the new iPad air in an iSimulate kit  
Zoll R 
  • Improved trace options / defaults 
  • PADS as source removed from PACER mode 
  • Added Advisory Function messages 
  • Improvements to SpO2: 
  • - Corrected waveform from being flatlined on load  
  • - Corrected SimConnect probe connection 
  • - Added SpO2 notification messages for connection status 
  • - Added SpO2 delays closer to actual device 
  • Fixed elapsed time to reset after turning off 
  • Added Pacer Detect icon 
  • Added Enable / Disable button interactivity for Pacer Detect 
  • Removed other traces in Pacer mode except Trace 2 
  • Added Alarms' titles 
  • Fixed SpO2 display on reconnect with SimConnect on generic monitor 
  • Fixed a bug where SpO2 waveform would not show when probe connected 
Mindray D3 & Mindray D6 
  • Fixed language inconsistencies with D3 and D6 
Mindray D3, Mindray D6 & Zoll X  
  • Added AED language settings 
Corpuls 3 
  • Metronome is now audible when charging 
  • Added timer to remove power off prompt if nothing selected in 10 seconds 
  • Added ability to remove power off prompt when other modes are selected 
  • Fixed power off prompt from getting stuck after restart 
  • Fixed function of cancel button 
Corpuls 1 
  • Removed Pleth waveform and replaced with CPR feedback in defib mode 
  • Removed alarm in AED mode 
Corpuls AED 
  • Fake CPR band Slow/Shallow option is now detected as movement 
Capnostream 35  
  • Fixed waveform display 
Atlas & Atlas Junior 
  • Added battery level and charging indicator for Atlas manikins 
  • UI design to support battery and charging indicator 
Visit your App Store and update your REALITi 360 system right away!

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