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Empowering Lifesavers: The Atlas Female Chest is transforming CPR training for women

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In the complex world of emergency response, every second and every action can mean the difference between life and death. Cardiac arrests present a formidable challenge, boasting a survival rate as low as 5%. However, proper and timely cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can significantly boost survival chances. Despite this, there exists a notable disparity: women are less likely to receive CPR from bystanders, largely due to widespread misconceptions and inherent biases regarding physical differences. It's a gap that demands urgent bridging and that's where the innovative Atlas Female Chest from 3B Scientific steps in.

What is Atlas Female Chest?

The Atlas Female Chest is an innovative add-on designed for the Atlas ALS Simulator that addresses these critical educational gaps and enables instructors to demonstrate and students to practice CPR on a body with breasts, ensuring a more inclusive and accurate training experience. Here’s why the Atlas Female Chest is a game-changer in lifesaving training:
  • Enhanced CPR training: The Atlas Female Chest attachment is about functionality and representation. It allows for a realistic training experience that reflects the anatomical differences instructors need to teach and trainees need to understand. This realism is essential for effective learning, ensuring that trainees can adapt their techniques across different body types without hesitation.
  • Versatile training tool: What makes the Atlas Female Chest particularly valuable is its versatility. It fits seamlessly onto the existing Atlas adult manikin. This compatibility means that training programs can switch between male and female configurations quickly and easily, maximizing training time and efficiency.
  • Debunking misconceptions: One of the pivotal benefits of the Atlas Female Chest is its role in dispelling myths. It helps trainees understand that anatomical differences like breasts do not complicate the process of delivering effective CPR. This knowledge is crucial in overcoming hesitations that could potentially delay the delivery of aid.
  • Comprehensive learning experience: By integrating the Atlas Female Chest into CPR training, educational institutions and health organizations can offer a more comprehensive learning experience. This approach not only enhances the skill set of each trainee but also builds confidence in their ability to administer CPR to anyone, irrespective of gender.
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About Atlas – the ALS Manikin

To assist trainers and educations involved in preparing medical teams to respond to emergencies, 3B Scientific and iSimulate have developed Atlas – the ALS Manikin, a training manikin that integrates REALITi 360 to train the ALS algorithm, including manual defibrillation, airway management, and drug delivery during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), as well as the treatment of peri-arrest arrhythmias. Designed to create in-situ training for the most realistic simulation scenarios, Atlas is affordable and easy to use. If you have any questions or need a demo, please feel free to contact our team, we are happy to help you!