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Since August 2023, Lifecast Body Simulation is a part of the 3B Scientific Group. This is a step forward following their mission in advancing medical education especially concerning the authenticity, reality, and global reach of their medical simulators.

Launched in 2017, Lifecast Body Simulation has developed a range of highly accurate and lifelike medical manikins which are transforming the way medical simulation and education are delivered and absorbed. Designed and produced at the renowned Elstree Film Studios in London and in Sarasota, Florida, every manikin demonstrates a remarkable level of realism and the very highest quality.

Introducing Lifecast Body Simulation: Revolutionizing Realistic Medical Training

Lifecast Body Simulation is the answer to all your medical training needs. The cutting-edge, lifelike simulators provide a truly immersive experience, enabling trainees to develop essential skills and confidence before dealing with real patients, because they are close to reality.

Lifecast, understands the importance of realistic training scenarios. The Lifecast simulators are crafted with utmost precision, capturing every detail to resemble a real human body. From the texture of the skin to the subtle movement of the limbs, our simulations offer an unparalleled level of realism that closely mimics human anatomy.

Here are just a few reasons why to choose Lifecast Body Simulation products:

  1. Unmatched Realism: The simulators replicate the smallest nuances of human anatomy, providing an accurate representation for trainees to practice on. This level of realism creates a sense of authenticity, allowing medical professionals to develop their skills with confidence.
  2. Versatility: Lifecast simulators cover a wide range of medical scenarios, including airway management, intubation, CPR, wound care, and much more. Trainees can practice and refine various procedures on our simulators, ensuring they are prepared for the diverse challenges encountered in real-world healthcare settings.
  3. Interactivity: Lifecast simulators aren't just lifeless models – they respond to trainee actions. The ability to mimic vital signs, breathing patterns, and other physiological responses enhances the learning experience, as trainees can better understand the immediate impact of their decisions and actions.

Join the revolution in medical training with Lifecast Body Simulation. Allow your trainees to gain invaluable experience in a controlled environment while mastering essential skills. Don't settle for anything less than lifelike simulations that prepare medical professionals for the challenges of real-life patient care.

The impressive product diversity of Lifecast Body Simulation

Babies: Lifecast has worked with leading experts in Neonatology to create the widest and most realistic range of Pre-term and Term babies available today. Lifecast Babies offer an unrivalled opportunity to help caregivers prepare for these most vulnerable and challenging of patients.

Children: The Lifecast ALS Children Manikin Range has been created to reflect the many and varied challenges children of different ages represent, with each being the correct average height and weight for their respective ages including a child with Down Syndrome and Water Rescue Toddler.

Adults: Created from real people using the ‘life-casting’ and 3D scanning processes developed at Elstree Studios base, Lifecast Adults are highly realistic and reflect the artistry inherent to our manufacturing teams in the UK and US. Our Adults feature lifelike details including the replication of veins and underlying structures, hair and precise anatomical airways enabling ALS airway management. There are amazing real life stories behind our Adult Manikins.

Elderly Adults: The skin textures and paint finishes of this simulators include age spots and other natural skin appearance features that help stimulate natural responses during simulated scenario-based training. The Elderly Adult Manikins are fantastic examples of this endeavor to create emotional engagement in Medical Education.

Oncology Manikin: The Oncology Manikin represents a major step forward in teaching drug delivery and blood sampling in Oncology patients.

NEW - Advanced CPR / Airway Management Adult Torso: Combining a new advanced polymer chest with Lifecast’s ultimate reality airway, which provides unrivalled chest compression feel including natural recoil times indicative of real people, the Adult Torso offers advanced functionality and anatomical accuracy in CPR and Airway Management Training.

Contact Us: Contact us today to explore the range of lifecast simulators and elevate your training to new heights. Lifecast Body Simulation – where realism meets excellence in medical training.

Contact us today to explore the range of lifecast simulators and elevate your training to new heights. Lifecast Body Simulation – where realism meets excellence in medical training.

About the acquisition of Lifecast Body Simulation

Todd A. Murray, CEO, 3B Scientific, commented: “Lifecast Body Simulation is a globally recognized brand, respected for their hyper-realistic, diverse manikins, and track record of constant innovation. We are extremely excited to welcome Lifecast into the 3B Scientific family, where combined with our strength in manufacturing and distribution, we look forward to continuing our now collective mission of advancing the delivery of medical and healthcare education worldwide.”

Dave Halliwell, co-founder and director of Lifecast, commented: “With 3B’s expertise and cutting-edge technologies, we are taking our product pipeline to the next level, ensuring we bring the best solutions to the market. By joining forces with 3B Scientific we are not only expanding our distribution reach but also gaining access to a wealth of knowledge and resources. Together, we aim to revolutionize the industry and make a lasting impact on the way healthcare professionals are trained.”

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About Lifecast Body Simulation

Lifecast Body Simulation, based in Elstree Film Studios, London, have developed a range of highly accurate and lifelike bodies which are transforming the way Medical Simulation and Education is delivered. Lifecast offers a wide range of manikins including pre-term and newborn babies, children and adults both young and old - all available with a wide range of ethnicity options.

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