Tracheotomy Trainer

Tracheotomy Trainer, 1021941, Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)
Practial trainer for various methods of tracheotomy, simulates a patient in a supine position with the neck extended. The trainee learns to determine the proper incision site while identifying arterial locations, and can observe intratracheal conditions from the head.
  • Conventional tracheotomy (longitudinal, transverse, crucial,
  • U-shaped, and inverted U-shaped incision)
  • Percutaneous tracheotomy
  • Puncture/incision into cricothyroid ligament
  • Incision pads can be used multiple times
Accessories: 3 trachea pieces, 3 skin sheets, 1 lubricant oil (silicon oil) and 1 storage case.
Item No.: 1021941
Weight 4.411 kg
Brand Sakamoto
MPN: M172