S.M.A.S.H Advanced IV Training Right Arm, Medium Skin

S.M.A.S.H Advanced IV Training Right Arm, Medium Skin, 1019645 [W45014], Injections and Punctures
SMASH Advanced Patient Training arm was first introduced in 1986. The latest improvement to this “world class” standard offers realism in a sleek design. A micropump mounted within the simulator’s shoulder delivers automatically generated arterial pulses at the radial and brachial sites and controls arterial blood flow by allowing variable heart rate and pulse strength. Interchangeable arterial and venous inserts within the forearm allow creation of arteriovenous (AV) fistulas and placement of AV grafts, while a simulated healed fistula insert provides a platform on which hemodialysis exercises can be performed. An additional multi-layer insert in the bicep area can be used for incision and suture training exercises.

  • Subcutaneous injection sites on the volar forearm and lateral upper arm
  • Intramuscular injection site on the upper arm
  • Arterial system including the radial and brachial arteries
  • Suture and incision sites on both the upper arm and forearm
  • Hemodialysis site on the forearm
  • Arterial and Venous insert for IV and blood draw exercises, AV anastomosis, and  placement of AV grafts. This multi-layer surgical insert includes the skin,  subcutaneous tissue, muscle, radial artery, and radial vein
  • AV fistula insert that simulates a healed fistula for hemodialysis exercises.
  • Multi-layer bicep insert that includes the skin, subcutaneous tissue, and muscle  and allows incision and suturing exercises
  • Durable skin that can be pierced in excess of 200 times with a 20 or 22 gauge needle
  • Realistic tactile feedback for both surgical and  arterial & venous stick exercises
  • Adjustable heart rate and pulse strength simulating  a heart rate from 10 BPM to 150BPM
  • Cephalic (antecubital), Basilic, Radial, and Ulnar  veins as well as the radial and  brachial arteries for  infusion and blood draw.
  • Rotating arm allowing dorsal and volar access along the length of the arm.
  • Varying vessel palpability to simulate collapsed or bulging vessels
  • Ease of assembly
  • Latex-Free
  • New proprietary materials replicate of skin, subcutaneous, and muscle layers at all  surgical sites.
  • Upgraded inserts, skins, and vessels for improved tactile feedback
  • Micropump embedded within the shoulder generates variable heart rates and  pulse strength. Quiet and compact, thereby improving portability of the unit.
  • Easy to replace plug-and-play inserts to allow quick  change-out between  procedures
  • Latex-free vessels with improved access for hassle-free replacement 
  Phlebotomy IM site Subcutaneous injection Intravenous bolus injection Sterile technique Infusion technique Suture, incision and hemiodialysis site
Pressure squeeze bulb and clenched
fist simulation
Simulation of collapsed veins Replacement skin and veins
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Item No.: 1019645 [W45014]
Weight 4.675 kg
Brand Gaumard
MPN: S402.100RM

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