Simple SUSIE® Patient Care Simulator, Female, Medium

Simple SUSIE® Patient Care Simulator, Female, Medium, 1005803 [W45057], Adult Patient Care

Skin Tone:

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The Simple Susie Patient Care Manikin full-size adult manikin with movable joints and soft fingers and toes for training of important basic nursing skills such as:

General Patient Care
• Bathing and bandaging activity
• Full body
• Eyes open and close
• Realistic eyes for ophthalmic exercises
• Soft, realistic faceskin, hands, feet, fingers, and toes
• Upper and lower dentures for oral hygiene
• Simulated ear canal for otic drops and irrigation
• Stylish wig for haircare exercises and surgical draping
• Articulating head, jaw, elbows, wrists, ankles and knees
• Medium Skin Tone

Injection Training
• Intramuscular injection sites in deltoids, quadriceps, and upper gluteal region

• Tracheotomy placement

GYN Training
• Vaginal douching and pap smear exercises with realistic vagina and cervix

• Bends and detaches at waist for easy storage
• Instruction manual
• The legs can be removed for compact storage. Supplied with neck brace.

Length: 5’5” inches (165 cm)

Susie Simon®
Nursing Care
Susie Simon®
Nursing Care
Simple Susie®
Nursing Care
Simple Simon®
Nursing Care
3B Scientifi c® Patient
Care Manikin PRO
Item No.  without ostomy: 1017535 with ostomy: 1005785 without ostomy: 1005803 without ostomy: 1005807 1018816
Gender male and female male and female female male male and female
Wig for hair care -
Movable jaw with tongue
Removable dentures
Ear irrigation
Nasogastric lavage and gavage - -
Tracheotomy care - - -
IM sites at upper arm and in buttock
IM site at the upper leg
Enema administration - -
Catheterization - -
Realistic vagina and cervix - -
Vaginal douching and pap smear - - -
Sculpted stomas - -
Surgical & amputation wound  - - - -
Diabetic foot & decubitus ulcers - - - -
Laceration wound - - - -
Detachable and removable internal tanks -
Transverse colostomy, ileostomy, and suprapubic stoma - - - only colostomy

Item No.: 1005803 [W45057]
Weight 16.9 kg
Dimensions 109 x 56 x 30.5 cm
Brand Gaumard
MPN: S206.M

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